Tui Na Massage

MingAcupunctureChartTui Na is an ancient healing art form that addresses imbalances using soft tissue manipulation. Literally translated from Chinese, Tui Na means push and hold, and is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.  Rooted in meridian therapy Tui Na promotes circulation of Qi (vital life energy) and blood, regulating the function of the meridians and restoring health and harmony to the body. With a focus in treating disease Tui Na is a medical massage that can treat many syndromes such as; headaches, depression, insomnia, anxiety, gynecological concerns, hypertension, tinnitus, vertigo, stress, injuries, digestive complaints, arthritis, and many more.

Whenever we feel pain in any part of our body, instinctively we massage the area in order to sooth the pain. This often brings some relief instantly. Massage is both a therapeutic tool and a preventative health measure that is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Tui Na works therapeutically to correct imbalances in your body and relieve pain. You will leave a session both relaxed and energized.