Chinese Herbal Treatments

With an herb dispensary packed with more than 280 raw herbs at our disposal, we will create a special blend of herbs tailored to your specific needs. This herbal blend will complement your other treatments and help you take care of your health concerns.

A Brief Overview of Chinese Herbal Treatments

In China, their herbal tradition predates all recorded history. It began as an oral tradition and was passed down through each generation. Doctors and country folk alike experimented with different substances in nature hoping to find something that would alleviate their suffering. After literally thousands of years of experimentation, this knowledge was documented and organized into a work that people throughout China could benefit from.  Of course many people died along the way, bravely trying an unknown berry or bark and finding out the hard way that it wasn’t exactly medicinal.

This work was carried on by other brave doctors in the quest to find effective remedies.  As this work became more and more conclusive and widely applied trends became apparent-for example this herb was effective at treating coughs, while this one was effective for digestive disorders and so on.  Even though it was primarily the doctors of the time doing most of the research, rural people from the country did their fair share of experimentation as well.  For example, often it was known among the country folk that if you had a really bad infection and nothing was clearing it up, you could eat a moldy orange and that would often take care of the problem.  However they also noted that it adversely affected their digestive system and so they rarely resorted to such tactics.  Obviously today we realize that it was the penicillin that was effective against the infection.  However back then, all they had was their experience, which in my opinion can be more valid over time than laboratory findings.